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EastEnders Video: Kat Moon Is In Trouble

EastEnders spoilers tease that fan favorite Kat Moon is up to her knees in trouble after a bizarre accident on the BBC soap opera. In a recent EastEnders episode, Kat had a run-in on her moped, and plowed down an older gentleman in the…

EastEnders Video: Who Will Get Arrested?

EastEnders spoilers tease that the messy robbery storyline on the BBC soap opera is far from over, and before it comes to a close one of Walford's fan favorites could wind up in a cell. Aidan's complicated robbery storyline is certainly…

EastEnders Video: Who Was Shot?

EastEnders spoilers tease that in the newest episode of the BBC soap opera we will learn who gets shot in Mick Carter's foiled robbery. It was clear in the days leading up to Aidan's "big job" that it was going to be a hot mess, but it…
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