You, Me, and My Ex Spoilers: Did Elodie Leave De’Andre After He Was Too Close to His Ex?

You, Me, and My Ex spoilers reveal that there is some big trouble in paradise when it comes to D’Andre and his girlfriend, Elodie. Ever since the show premiered, Elodie has been sharing her opinion about her boyfriend’s friendship with his ex-girlfriend, Rowan. Rowan and D’Andre are incredibly close for someone who has a girlfriend and Elodie is getting tired of it. She isn’t sure what to do about it, but in the most recent episode of the show, things got pretty intense.

Elodie Comes to Rowan With Personal Questions

When Elodie and Rowan meet up in the last episode, Elodie really wanted to learn more about why Rowan is still so close to her ex. The questions that Elodie asks her, however, make her pretty uncomfortable. After Rowan gives her some information, it seems that Elodie may not be able to deal with how close they are. Will this be the end of Elodie and D’Andre?

Elodie learned just how close Rowan was to D’Andre about a few months into their relationship. Rowan doesn’t live in the same state as him anymore, so Elodie was convinced that it wasn’t a big deal at all. However, she learned just how far they are willing to travel to get to one another shortly after finding out about Rowan. Not only is Rowan close to D’Andre, but she is very close to his mother too. This has always been an issue and Elodie doesn’t know if she can take it.

Are They Still Together?

Some eagle-eyed fans decided to look deeper into Elodie and D’Andre’s relationship. They have not posted about the other on social media. This could be one of two things though. They could be broken up and have deleted any evidence of the other on their social media accounts.

It could also mean that they are trying their best to not give away any secrets while the show is on. Some cast members have trouble keeping secrets so this could be their way to do so and not break their contract with the network.

It seems that D’Andre has a lot to figure out when it comes to his best friend and his girlfriend. We will continue to keep an eye on these three to see if there are any updates or changes in their relationships.In the meantime, be sure to watch You, Me, and My Ex on TLC. It airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST.

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