1000-Lb Sisters Proves It’s Okay To Troll Tammy When She’s Down?

1000-Lb Sisters fans slammed Tammy Slaton for years. When she was down, she really was deep down the rabbit hole of self-pity and a lack of appreciation for people who cared. Well, that attracted lots of trolls and critics. But these days, even a hint of disapproval gets fans roasting the commenter. Does it prove that it was okay for thousands of people to troll her when she was down and needed loads of support?

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Can’t Do A Thing Wrong

Tammy ditched her husband, Caleb Willingham after a short-lived marriage. At any other time on the TLC show, she would have been trolled for that. She also used to vape a lot, and she got trolled for that. And yet, when she was spotted vaping outside a mall recently, hardly anyone seemed bothered with slamming her. Now that she looks to be winning her battle with her weight, it seems that she just can’t do a thing wrong.

1000-Lb Sisters fans were convinced that Tammy told them lies and faked a lot of her progress. Nobody really believed that she lost weight in rehab. Mind you, it was hard to tell because she used so many filters. Torrents of trolling arrived as time went by. At a time when she probably needed a lot of encouragement, many TLC fans seemed to enjoy dishing out judgment. But now she’s getting things under control, folks seem to need to watch what they say. 

1000-Lb Sisters: Was It Okay To Troll Tammy When She Was Down?

For a long time, all Tammy Slaton did was post wordless photos of herself with a rabbit-in-the-headlights look about her. Heavily filtered, critics went to town slamming her. Actually, she still does that, but nowadays, critics are not welcome. How the tide has turned! Everyone, it seems, loves a winner. So, only praise can go the way of winners. The past is wiped clean and folks better not say otherwise, it seems.

Tammy Slaton / Instagram

1000-Lb Sisters fans have probably seen millions of folks complaining about the use of filters. But be warned, it’s apparently dangerous to mention any disapproval these days. On May 22, Tammy posted up one of those big-eyed, heavily filtered photos. When one follower responded, they walked into a dozen or more angry commenters. They said, “Stop using this filter you don’t need it.”

Not Okay To Criticize Filters These Days

1000-Lb Sisters fans tore into the commenter who talked about the filter. From, dissing the looks of the commenter, to roasting them like nuts in a wildfire, the very strong reactions of people suggest that it’s really not a good idea to criticize Tammy Slaton the winner. But doesn’t it also send a message that suggests it was okay to troll her filters when she was down? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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