When Does TLC’s ‘Match Me Abroad’ Premiere?

With the internet boom, people can now connect with one another beyond borders, and finding love abroad isn’t tough. However, the distance, language barrier, and lack of physical touch can make things difficult in a relationship. Working on this very premise is TLC’s latest reality dating show, Match Me Abroad. The TV show trails singles willing to travel to countries far and wide in their search for a deserving soul mate. Aided by talented matchmakers, these singles will attempt to find someone they can spend their lives with. So, when does the show premiere on TLC? Keep reading to find out the details!

For fans wondering when they can watch the show, Match Me Abroad has already premiered on TLC and has been garnering the attention of fans globally. The debut episode premiered on May 14, while the second episode will premiere soon on May 21.

The TV Show Trails Singles Willing to Travel

Season 1 features cast members from diverse cultures, backgrounds, as well as life experiences. While their personalities are different, all they seek is nothing but love as they move to different countries throughout the globe, searching for love. However, the matchmakers are the ones who will help them seek out their perfect match. Among these matchmakers are Katarina Nemcova from the Czech Republic, Juan Manuel Nino from Colombia, and Nina Kharoufeh from Palestine.

On the other hand, the cast members seeking love internationally on Match Me Abroad include an autistic artist named Harold Davisii. Another cast member from NC is Michelle, who calls herself a feminist princess. Also, Susan, a resident of New York, is accompanied by her pooch, Calliope, in her search for love.

Cast Includes An Autistic Artist Named Harold Davisii

Additionally, the TLC show also features Nathaly from California, who is in search of something exciting and new in Colombia. Another cast member, Chad, is skeptical of love after his previous engagements failed, not once or twice but thrice. Now, the Tenessee resident is searching for his soul mate in Colombia. Finally, Stanika, who has zero experience dating, wants to change her relationship status with Match Me Abroad.

While these cast members were among the young ones, the show also features an older Arizona resident. Although he is 44, he sure is young at heart and wishes to fall in love in order to start a family of his own.

So, did you happen to watch the first episode of Match Me Abroad Season 1? And will you be watching the upcoming episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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