Duggar Family News: Why Are Fans Worried About Jana Duggar?

Duggar Family News reveals that there are plenty of fans who are concerned about Jana Duggar. It all started when one eagle-eyed fan saw her social media activity. They felt as if it was nothing but a cry for help. Jana is one of the Duggar sisters who keeps a very low profile, so when she shows up on social media, it seems a bit odd.

Why Are Fans Concerned About Jana

Ever since her brother, Josh Duggar went to prison for possession of child pornography, Jana has been very quiet on social media and at family functions. She hasn’t posted on her Instagram account in over a year. This has made her fans very concerned. In fact, her fans were quick to start in on what is going on with her these days. These fans decided to add comments to her most recent post on Instagram in hopes that she would see it and reply.

One of her fans wrote, “Jana hasn’t posted in almost a year, I wonder if her parents have forbidden her.” Another chimed in, “Blink twice if you are being held against your will.” One more added, “I hope that you’re doing ok. We all miss your posts.” Of course, there were plenty of fans who just asked her where she was and if she was still doing ok.

Jana Spottings

Even though fans have not seen her on her Instagram account, they did see that she showed up in one of her sibling’s videos on social media. Jana was seen, wearing pants, with her sister Joy-Anna Forsyth. Joy-Anna shares a lot of videos on her YouTube channel and she often includes her siblings when they are nearby.

In the clip, fans saw Jana, Joy-Anna, Jessa Seewald, and Johanna Duggar. Most of the sisters were all seen in pants, which clearly breaks the modesty rule that their father, Jim Bob Duggar made them abide by.

As fans continue to keep an eye on Jana, one thing is for sure, she is still hanging out with select family members. However, she has stopped posting on all of her social media accounts. This doesn’t mean that she is unsafe, but she is just keeping to herself at this point. There are many reasons that she could be doing so, but her fans will just have to stand by her. With all of the concern that is growing for her, they will just have to wait and see what happens to Jana.

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