Little People, Big World Spoilers: Could Jeremy and Audrey Roloff be Struggling Financially?

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that, after a rough season 24 that saw the entire Roloff family at odds, fans are probably expecting trouble. With Zach, Tori, Matt, and Amy Roloff, as well as Chris Maryk and Caryn Chandler still starring on the show and earning a living from it – it shouldn’t be surprising that Zach’s twin Jeremy and his wife Audrey, who left the limelight some years ago, are struggling financially.

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Little People, Big World: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff may very well be hurting financially

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that, per Cheatsheet, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff may very well be hurting financially. Jeremy and his wife left the show back in 2018, according to PEOPLE, and they never looked back.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff left the show back in 2018 and they haven’t looked back since. They stayed focused on growing their family and working on their own business endeavors. Though the couple reportedly left the TLC reality TV show on good terms, Jeremy later let the cat out of the bag, via Instagram, on how he feels about the show going on for so many years.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Announce Departure

“It’s become that athlete that won’t hang up the cleats, so he’s doing damage to the team and injuring himself in the process,” the former TLC personality announced on Instagram at the time (per Our Teen Trends). “Audrey and I had other things we wanted to do besides fabricating drama on TV.”

Distractify reports that Jeremy named his business The Roloff Company, of which he is president. The “company” is reportedly comprised of his and Audrey’s business endeavors including the pair’s best-selling novel “A Love Letter Life,” and their Behind the Scenes podcast, among others. Audrey reportedly makes extra cash via social media sponsorships.

Given the Economy and Our Season in Life

Over the years, not much has been written about Jeremy and Audrey’s financial situation as they’ve not had any problems. However, that seems to have changed. Audrey recently shed some light on her and her husband’s financial situation via an Instagram Q&A.

“So many things in our house are [frazzled emoji],” she wrote to a fan asking about the wood paneling in their new farmhouse (via The Sun). “It’s straight out of the ’70s, so everything is really dated, and honestly a lot of things don’t work or are old or beat up … it needs a lot of fixin’. But given the state of the economy and our season of life, we didn’t want to rush into a crazy remodel.”

In another post, the mother of three reveals facing money troubles as a family. “Some of our [businesses] have made zero money, some have been extremely profitable, and others have actually cost us. Along the way we’ve quit/stopped a lot of things in order to start or give more attention to others.”

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