Why Nicole and Eric Deserve Each Other On Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal a very angry Eric after learning about the little Thanksgiving chat that Nicole had with Jada. But honestly, are at the point where they are both horrible people and it’s easy to see what they have pined for one another for more than two decades.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole Will Always Be Nicole

We are used to Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) putting her foot in her mouth and saying things that maybe she shouldn’t just to get her own way in life, but that doesn’t mean that Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) is any better.

Let us never forget that saintly Eric spent time in jail for killing Nicole’s fiance, Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian), in a drunk driving accident and didn’t even serve his full sentence. Eventually, he was released from prison and when he was released, oddly had an affair with Jennifer Horton. If there ever was a mismatch, this was definitely it.

Every once in a while Eric puts on a priest collar to atone for his sins, but the fact that the church keeps kicking him out should tell him something. He is not a saint and maybe not even a good person.

When he did finally marry Nicole after 20 years of trying, he left her high and dry within days to be a good Samaritan in Africa just assuming Nicole wouldn’t be lonely and would wait for him. Does he know Nicole yet? Does he even know how to be married? Now, he can’t wait to have a baby with Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu), even if it’s a girl. (Did he really say that? Why yes, yes he did.)

DOOL Is Just Repeating An Old Storyline

This tale of Jada being pregnant with Eric’s child is nothing but a retread of Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) being pregnant with Eric’s child as we pretend he is not the ex-priest who sleeps around. Sarah even contemplated having an abortion due to Eric reuniting with Nicole.

It was Nicole who found out the truth and hid it from Eric through an entire time jump that took five minutes in real time but a year in Salem time. Nicole just didn’t like the idea of Eric raising a baby with someone else, who turned out to be a girl, Eric, a GIRL. Too bad nobody knew that baby girl died shortly after birth, including Sarah.

Now insecure Nicole is at it again and none of this is a good look for her — and it’s not a good look for Eric either. No wonder Ericole are endgame as they really do deserve each other. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays to see Eric and Nicole be horrible people some more.

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