Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath Ends Up In Jail

TLC star Kim Plath was arrested early Thursday morning. Her arrest was initially unclear. Later that day, further details emerged about her DUI and automobile collision. Read on for more information.

You might be surprised to find out that Kim Plath was driving while drunk. During her appearance on “Welcome to Plathville,” she discussed how much she detested drinking and how her mother, an alcoholic, had a significant influence on her upbringing.

She tried to keep her kids from drinking. Kim changed her mind and went drinking with Micah Plath, one of her sons. Sadly, she seems to have a problem with alcohol these days.

Florida’s Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office booked Kim Plath on Thursday morning. Her allegations were ambiguous. They included property damage, DUI, and personal damage.

Details Of The TLC star’s Car Accident Have Emerged

On Thursday, TMZ revealed more on Kim Plath’s arrest. She went to jail after a car crash and a DUI in Florida a few months ago. Kim’s car was found wrecked in a ditch in June. The authorities noticed that she reeked of alcohol. She had been hospitalized.

InTouch also said that Kim went to the hospital with several cuts on her face as well as blood in her mouth. She wore a cervical collar.

The TlC star said that she drank “two 12-ounce margarita”. She was going to visit a friend who resides south of Florida’s capital, Tallahassee. The doctor drew some blood and sent it off to the toxicology lab. The Welcome to Plathville star was accused of reckless driving.

In September, the results of her blood test came back. The official police report says that Ms. Plath’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was between “.161 and.162.”

On Thursday, October 20, she was arrested on a warrant. Kim Plath was jailed after surrendering. She was freed on bail later Thursday. She was arrested for DUI and property damage.

So, are you surprised by these facts about why Kim Plath went to jail? Comment below and return for more.

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