Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Deidre Hall Reassures Fans, “DOOL Will NOT Get More Risqué”

Days of Our Lives has moved from NBC to Peacock after 57 years and the show is doing exceptionally well thus far. With them now being on a streaming platform, the show would be able to cross certain lines that it wouldn’t have been able to while on broadcast television. For instance, we may be able to see a little more body parts or hear some language that we wouldn’t normally hear on the show while on NBC.

DOOL Spoilers- Deidre Hall Dishes Show Details

In an interview in August, Ken Corday noted, “Come spring, we will be able to say and do things that are a bit more titillating than on broadcast. It’s still Days Of Our Lives, but it’s not your mother’s Days Of Our Lives.” But in a recent interview with The Wrap, Deidre Hall who plays Marlena Evans said, “We’re doing it exactly the same as we always have and will continue doing it that way.”

Hall added, “Our audience is not changing and we respect who they are and what their sensitivities are. We’re not going to become a blatantly sexual or a vile language program. We’re not going to do that; that isn’t who we are, and it’s not who our audience is.”

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers- Show to Stay Cutting Edge With More to Peacock

Although the show has done some wild things in the past, Hall gave fans less to worry about when she said, “Our model has always been multi-generational families, doing something topical, human interest and of social interest. I think in those ways, we’re always family oriented. We’re always topical. Our show-runner, Ken Corday, and our head writer, Ron Carlivati, stay pretty much on the cutting edge.”

In addition, Hall, who has been on the show for over 40 years, said, “We’re there for you when nobody comes to your house at Christmas. We’re there carving the turkey and trimming the tree and opening gifts. We’re a comfort, we’re company. We’re not just entertainment.”

Days of Our Lives now airs weekdays exclusively on Peacock. If you have been missing out on the drama since the show’s move from NBC, now would be a good time to catch up on it.

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