Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder Shares Some Details About His Childhood

Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 will premiere tonight on TNT. The Winder family, including Colton, will be featured on the show. They have a story to tell, and a big part of it is that before he married his second wife, Colton was actually depressed. 

Starcasm revealed that Colton had expressed suicidal thoughts before she joined the family. Colton does look like he’s getting better.

Colton’s Background Information

This season features two new families. The Winder family consists of Colton, Tami, and Sophie. They’re hoping to bring another wife into the family, but first they need to find the right one. Colton Winder shared some details about his childhood.

“I was born and raised as faithfully as any youth is in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was exposed to very negative views of plural marriage as a child and discovered later that there was also a happy and blessed side to it. It wasn’t always just a trial and a hardship.”

The Winders may be new to polygamy, but it’s clear that this is the life they’ve always dreamed of. Colton had a hard time deciding, but it was worth it.

Colton Had A Hard Time Making His Choice

Even as a teenager, Colton Winder faced tremendous hardship. It was up to him to determine whether polygamy was something he wanted to pursue. 

He abandoned his religious beliefs, wed his first wife, Tami, and started a family. People do this because they don’t know what God wants

He admitted feeling down and suicidal, but that Tami was a rock for him through it all. After he got over it, he started thinking about polyamory. Colton’s mental health has improved, but he still struggles with despair and anxiety. 

It will be fascinating to watch how they do with a third wife. All of this will transpire in the upcoming season 2 of Seeking Sister Wife. Please tune in to TLC every Sunday night to see the latest episodes of Seeking Sister Wife.

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