Seeking Sister Wife: The Winders Share Their Secret To A Successful Plural Family

The Winders are the most genuine and convincing plural family on Seeking Sister Wife. They follow God, unlike the others.

Colton was concerned about seeking a third wife. He overcame his doubt with trust. He doesn’t want intimacy or privacy with a sister wife without a commitment. The family reveals their polygamist success secret.

The Winders Family

Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 was when audiences first got to know the family. Colton and Tami had been married to Sophie for a year but hadn’t revealed they were a plural family.

Tami and Colton’s daughter Sadie didn’t live with them. Yet, they sought a sister wife. They thought they’d found someone, but it didn’t work out. Fans believed Colton was dry and boring at the time.

By Season 3, Sophie was pregnant, and many changes had occurred. Everyone was living under one roof. Tami tried to support Sophie’s pregnancy, but it was difficult.

She had trouble getting pregnant and kept having miscarriages. Luckily, the family met Kimberley from North Carolina, who seemed like a perfect sister-wife fit.

She agreed to visit Utah before Sophie gave birth. COVID struck and ruined everything. After Sophie gave birth and everything slowed down, they questioned Colton about Kimberley.

He was apprehensive since he believed they had a boatload on their hands. He believed God’s will would be done. What makes this family work?

Winders’ Success Secret

The family addressed it on Instagram after discussing it on their blog two years ago. The key to their family’s success? They have a blog where they discuss their lives, including the history of polygamy.

Similarly, Tami does not hide her infertility issues from her blog’s readers. The Winders also talked about what made their marriages so successful.

For those who didn’t have a chance to read the whole thing, they shared a snippet. It was their thoughts on courting.

The Winders always want the husband to be very comfortable, and getting his permission is very important. You can read more about their lives and opinions on their blog.

They follow their emotions and God’s will. If they want Kimberley, they’ll get her. Do you believe the Winders understand plural marriage? Share your thoughts and tune in to Seeking Sister Wife every Monday on TLC and Discovery+.

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