Did Kody Brown Exploit The Kids For The Sister Wives Show?

Sister Wives spoilers revealed that Kody Brown has a lot of issues with Janelle’s adult kids, Gabe and Garrison. Meanwhile, fans and Christine had had issues with the way that he treated Ysabel with her back surgery. However, some fans feel that he had no problem with exploiting the kids to earn money from TLC.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown’s Parenting Style Slammed

Sister fans often accuse Kody because he wanted so many kids to earn a spot in Heaven. Actually, although they don’t seem to go to the Temple these days, they were quite religious at one stage. In Kody’s faith, the more wives and family they have on Earth, the more rewards he gets in the afterlife. However, he seems less than interested in being a dad to them whilst he lives out his current existence.

In Sister Wives Season 15, and 16, fans saw that Gabe and Garrison clashed with their dad over his covid restrictions. Then, spoilers for Season 17 revealed that Kody demanded that Garrison gets out of Janelle’s house after he told him that he was done with his dad. Meanwhile, Christine’s son Paedon shaded Kody about thinking he’s such a wonderful king of the family. Clearly, there’s little love lost for their dad.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Alienated The Kids After Exploiting Them?

On September 21, TLC shared a bonus clip on Instagram. In it, fans saw that Christine believes that no matter how old the kids are, it’s very important to support them as a family. Meanwhile, Kody dissed Garrison and Gabe again. At the same time, Janelle believes that there was no way she would ever chuck her kids out. Especially at the height of the pandemic.

TLC / Instagram

Sister Wives fans took to the comments section of the post and talked about Kody’s failings as a parent. One fan wrote, “Garrison & Gabriel know what’s up. They’ve banded together in…Christine & Janelle’s honor to stop the bull crap Kody’s spewing.”

Another fan talked about exploring the kids, They commented, “Maybe if he could have effectively parented his child army they would all be productive and independent adults.” Actually, most of them are. But, the next part of the comment is interesting. The fan opined, “But what a great role model he has been exploiting them since childhood to earn a living.”

Is It A Problem If The Kids Were Exploited?

Sister Wives fans might think it is all wrong that Kody used the kids as part of his show. However, Soap Opera Spy noted that Paedon seems happy about it. Back in April, he claimed that the show saved him from an awful life.

On TikTok, he said, “I kind of know exactly what my life would be like without Sister Wives. I’d have one wife, I’d probably be courting a second wife. I’d probably have three kids by now, maybe just two. I’d be going to church every single day.. I’d be miserable, honestly.”

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