Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Still In Love With Kody?

Is Robyn Brown still in love with Kody? It’s obvious that Robyn is his favorite wife; does she feel the same way about him? Many people are still on the fence about Sister Wives even after seeing the first two episodes.

Robyn insists that what goes on between Kody and Christine is none of her concern, despite the obvious tension between them. She’s claimed she feels powerless.

Why is she avoiding Kody? Readers on Reddit believe that she may have finally moved on from the Brown family patriarch. Check out what they said.

Is Robyn Brown Now Sick Of Her Husband?

It’s been obvious for a while that the Browns aren’t as happy as they seem on TV. Robyn Brown is the favored wife, but she doesn’t seem happy. Is she happy with Kody Brown?

Many users on Reddit believe that the correct answer is “no.” The original Redditor wrote, “Robyn doesn’t like Kody. She either has a secret or can’t stand him. Her efforts to convince others she’s not the favourite seem like a cry for assistance.”

“She has something under her. Unhappiness? She seems as though she has to blink twice but is too terrified to do so. Is It Me?”

“I assume she signed up for 1/4 of the time and having him 24/7 is hell,” said one customer. Other Redditors agreed that living with Kody would be dreadful. If Robyn dislikes him now, she’s probably had enough. Do you agree? Leave your comments below.

Kody Brown’s Family Falls Apart

Christine Brown’s departure angers Kody Brown. And Robyn claims that the patriarch of the family is always angry. Many people worry for Robyn and the other spouses if his temper problems persist. Are they really safe with a man who is so unpredictable?

Another TLC program will air on Sunday night. Follow the Brown family at 10 PM ET. There will be drama and tales to tell.

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