Sister Wives Fans Love It As Paedon Brown Amps Up The Kody Shade

Sister Wives spoilers revealed that Kody Brown doesn’t have a good relationship with his sons. In fact, the last two seasons revealed him on the outs with Janelle’s sons, Garrison and Gabe. Meanwhile. Christine’s son, Paedon Brown has been shading him on TikTok for a while now. This weekend, he amped it up whilst not actually mentioning his dad’s name at all. So, TLC fans thought it was really clever.

Sister Wives – Paedon Brown On TikTok

Ever since fans saw that Christine moved to Utah and left Kody, Paedon became way more vocal on social media. These days, the go-to platform to keep up with him is TikTok. However, he sometimes amuses fans when he comments on Instagram. Actually, there’s seldom a smile far away from the face of the third child of Kody and Christine Brown. Fans also like him because he seems to be fiercely loyal to his mom.

Sister Wives fans liked to see Paedon on Instagram, but he really only started shading his dad when he moved across to TikTok. Of course, not every post is about his father who TLC fans love to hate. But some of his other posts are either interesting or amusing. So, a lot of people think that he’s worth following. At the moment, he has close to 300K followers and over 3 million likes.

Sister Wives – The Kody Brown Shade On The Weekend

Much like Christine’s old car confessions, Paedon Brown often does his video clips whilst he’s in his car. On September 18, he used the hashtags, “#GameOfThrones #King #SisterWives #ChristineBrown.” Then, he started talking about how those men who need to claim that they are the “king,” are not.

Paedon Brown / TikTok

The Sister Wives alum took it further when he said, “Any man who has to say ‘I am the man of the house is no true man of the house.” Linking that to his father, he then talked about his mom. And, he pointed out that she doesn’t run a round saying that she’s “a strong independent woman.”  And the reason that she is a “strong, independent woman,” is because she is, which is why she doesn’t need to shout about it.

Fans Comment

Sister Wives fans took to the comments on TikTok and one of them said, “The shadeeeeee ❤️❤️.”

Another commenter said, “I like what you did here 🔥,”

Another appreciative TLC fan wrote, “spoken like a true king raised by a true queen!!” 

Of course, the correlation to Kody Brown isn’t hard to find. After all, he always goes on about being the man of the house. But then, fans don’t think he acts like one.

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