LPBW Alum Audrey Roloff Describes Mixed Vacay Feelings

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans know that Audrey Roloff has three adorable kids, Ember, Bode, and Radley. However, taking vacations with small kids can be taxing. Especially when it’s for a long time and everyone lives out of RVs and trailers. So understandably, she had some mixed feelings when they went off camping this summer

LPBW – Audrey Roloff’s Kids Grow Up In The Country

Bode, Ember, and Radley might be the most fortunate kids around. Little Bode, the middle child seems like a real character, and the family describes him as a cute Teddy Bear. Meanwhile, his older sister, Ember is a beauty with a devoted mom. Of course, Radley’s still very young, so TLC fans haven’t gotten to know him all that well. But, they do know that he has devoted parents.

LPBW spoilers revealed that Audrey and Jeremy purchased  their own farm. There, they live in a  nice house with lots  of room for the kids to run around. No doubt, plenty of adventures await them in years to come. Additionally, they bought a really neat cabhin near Bend where they can enjoy more fun outdoors in the forest. Well, they can also afford a couple of weeks camping out during summer.

LPBW Spoilers – A Downside To Camping Out With Little Kids

Audrey Roloff took to her Instagram on August 31 and shared that some torrid times went down with the kids. In her long caption, she described how they camped out as they explored Idaho and Montana for two weeks. Actually, the photos looked stunning, so they chose a great route to follow. But, things got complicated with the kids.

Audrey Roloff / Instagram

The LPBW alum talked about many mishaps. For example, “there’s been flat fires, wildfires to dodge, poop blow outs to clean, swimmers itch, wasp stings, meltdowns, naps missed, issues with the camper.” However, Bode told his dad when they were exploring, “Roloff’s do hard things.” Yeah, from the sound of it, they sure do.

Giood Feelings Are Not Forgotten

LPBW fans heard that despite all the mixed feelings and hard times, there was also a lot of joy. Audrey elaborated on that, saying, “we love getting our kids out of their normal environments, out of their normal schedules, outside, and giving them opportunities to challenge themselves.”

After all, there’s nothing egtter than a childhood where it’s okay “try new things” and just muck about in the water. Did you ever swim with all your clothes on in a lake? There’s freedom and joy to be found. Additionally, there’s nothing quite as much fun as skipping “rocks,” running around with no shoes on and watching “the sunset.”

So, Audrey noted that they all grow together. Did you ever go on vacation like that with small kids? Was it totally worth it? Sound off in the comments below.

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