Little People Big World Isabel Roloff Opens Up About Her Struggles With Anxiety

Finally, Little People Big World Isabel Roloff talks about how she copes with anxiety. She recently shared her experience with fans to inspire them with her response. So what did she share about anxiety? Keep reading to find out.

Now, if you’ve been following Isabel’s page, you’ll know she’s pretty open about many things. There are only a few topics that she hasn’t talked about online.

She has stayed away from her family’s show, Little People, Big World. That said, she has been very popular on social media. Her family name has also helped her to gain more popularity too.

Fans have come to know her as an honest person who isn’t afraid to share the intimate details of her life. Now, Isabel is ready to talk about another aspect of her life.

Isabel Talks About Her Anxiety

Isabel recently took to her Instagram Stories to set up Q & A sessions for fans. She usually hosts these little sessions to share her thoughts and answer many fans’ questions. For this session, a fan of hers wanted to know how she deals with anxiety.

In response, she said: I don’t know that I do… I have a hard time a lot.” In addition, she also admitted that she sees anxiety as a part of her life now. So, instead of trying to control it, she tries to make herself comfortable despite her nervousness.

She also pointed out that accepting anxiety was a big deal for her. She explained that she needed to ensure that her nervous system wasn’t on edge every time. To do this, she makes plans to ensure that she knows what to expect almost all the time.

In conclusion, Isabel revealed that she gives herself pep talks and accepts them from people close to her. Fans are glad to see how one of their favorite celebrities handles herself. So, what do you think about Isabel’s response? Let us know in the comment section below,

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