Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Is Christeline Petersen Moving In With The Epps? 

It is not news that Christeline Petersen got married to the Snowdens during season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. However, allegations of domestic abuse made her move on.

She has been seen hanging out with another family. This has got fans of the TLC asking: Is Christeline coming back in season 4?

The Timeline Of Snowden Sister Wives

Dimitri and Ashley Snowdern have not had much luck on Seeking Sister Wife. In season 1, they tried getting a sister wife, but Dimitri made a mess of things.

They returned in season 2, where they had a bit of luck when they came across Vanessa Cobbs. They hit it off from the start with Vanessa, with the Snowdens even moving to California because of her. Then Dimitri proposed and got wedded to her within a short time of their meeting.

However, things turned messy after allegations by Vanessa of being domestically abused. After that, she left the Snowdens.

In season 3, the Snowdens returned with vigor as they spotted two women, Taylor and Christeline. The mother of two kids, Christeline visited the Snowdens from South Africa. Ashley and Christeline took a liking to each other quickly, resulting in the latter marrying Dimitri.

Unfortunately, the domestic abuse scandal reared its head again, and Christeline left. She got support to move from a GoFundMe initiative set up by the former sister wife to the Snowdens, Vanessa. Now, it seems Christeline is making a comeback to the series.

Is Christeline Going To Be A New Sister Wife?

Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife presents the Epps couple. According to information from an Instagram account, @ghostof_lisababytoe, Christeline has been hanging out with the new SSW couple.

The Epps are peddled with scandalous allegations. First, Marcus Epps is an elected office holder who is still part of an open murder case investigation. He also faces allegations of arson and tax evasion.

Fans are left wondering why she wants to be part of the Epps family come season 4.

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