Welcome To Plathville Isaac Plath Calls Out Fan For Being Judgmental

A recent post by Welcome To Plathville, Isaac Plath was criticized by a fan in a judgmental tone. Isaac was having none of it and ticked off the fan without mincing words.

It’s not been long since Isaac started making use of social media. As of now, he has over 70,000 Instagram followers, mainly from the Welcome To Plathville fan base.

As is common with all celebrities, being on social media opens them to both positive and negative comments.

In his latest post on the 4th of August, a bit of negative feedback came his way. One fan was over-critical in their comments of a jovial post Isaac made about his family.

Isaac Shares Photos Of Him Having Fun With His Sisters

This past week, Isaac uploaded two photos on Instagram. One was of him and his sister, Moriah, while the other was of Moriah and his second sister, Amber.

Isaac revealed through his photo caption that he had a great time hanging out with his sisters. He tagged their location as being in Thomasville, Georgia. As usual, fans made comments about the photos. However, a few of the comments were negative.

 Isaac Responds To Negative Comments

One of the negative comments made by a fan said Isaac has been corrupted by the world. In a quick response, Isaac said the fan had simply been judgmental because of his ignorance. He added that the fan shouldn’t use the photos of him and his sisters to judge his spiritual life.

It’s good to see that Isaac is not intimidated by negative feedback. Let’s hope that the feedback he gets is more inclined towards the positive side. But then, there will always be negative comments because of the diverse nature of the Welcome to Plathville fan base.

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