Welcome To Plathville: Are Ethan And Olivia Going To Work On Their Marriage?

The 4th season of Welcome To Plathville ended this week to the delight of fans. However, fans are still not sure about Ethan Plath’s relationship with his wife, Olivia.

Their marriage has been a strenuous one right from Season 1, and they even had to separate at a time. The question on the minds of most fans is: Are they going to stay married?

The Tumultuous Marriage

The episode on the 26th of July was full of tense drama, as Ethan and Olivia had a terrible spat. In the episode, Ethan and his family went to mark his late brother’s posthumous birthday at his grave. All of them, except Olivia.

Olivia’s absence upset Ethan a great deal, as he felt it was disrespectful of her. In response, Olivia said she didn’t want to see his mother, Kim.

Season 4 ended with no one being sure if Ethan and Olivia will still be a couple. Olivia admitted she didn’t know if they would be moving to Tampa or elsewhere. On the other hand, Ethan said he was Cairo bound, to continue with his car business.

Are Ethan And Olivia Still Together?

From the recent social media updates posted by Olivia, it seems they are still together.

Recently, they both went on a vacation to Europe together. It makes sense to think they won’t be on a vacation trip together if their relationship was sour. She posted her say on a matter that trended on TikTok two months back.

She even gushed over the funny texts she received from Ethan. These are sure signs that they are still a couple.

However, Ethan and Olivia have not come out to say if they are together or not. Regardless, their social media activity makes it seem they are together. Fans will have to wait and see how events unfold.

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