Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Is Lea Newton Ready to Join the Merrifields? Fans Don’t Think So!

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that some fans of the show aren’t quite sure that Lew Newton is ready to be part of the Merrifield’s plural marriage. They met her online, but from what fans have seen, she seems to be a bit timid about starting this with them.

Who Really Wanted Another Wife?

Although Dannielle Merrifield acts as if she isn’t sure about another wife, Garrick Merrifield has always said that she is the one who pushed for it. From what we have seen on the show and on her social media account, she has really gotten down about Garrick finding another wife for their marriage. Garrick continues to stand by the fact that Dannielle told him that God wanted them to have another wife.

The couple has been searching for another wife to join their marriage and they had one who was ready. Roberta is from Brazil and she was ready to join their marriage. The problem is that her mother has gotten very ill and she isn’t able to leave yet, even though her visa has been approved. This is why they have started looking for another wife.

Lea Shows Up

Their newest prospect for a sister wife is Lea Newton. Garrick met her online and they have started courting her. The couple had an instant connection with Lea and they have really gotten close to her. Garrick can’t stop gushing over her, but from what fans have seen, they’re not too sure she is as into this idea as much as the Merrifield’s are.

One fan of the show took to Reddit to give their opinion on what they have seen. Lea isn’t religious and has made that clear on the show. The Merrifield’s have talked about how religion is the reason that they want another wife and fans aren’t sure this combination is going to work.

One fan pointed out that they don’t even think that Garrick is interested in Lea. They don’t think he is attracted to her because she doesn’t look the way that Roberta does. Is he just trying to replace Dannielle? We will have to wait and see.

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