Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: The Real Reason Marci Miller Left DOOL

Days Of Our Lives spoilers and updates tease the real reason Marci Miller left DOOL and Abigail DiMera was killed off, is not what viewers might think!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Not Contract Negotiations Or An Abigail DiMera Hating Writer

Marci assumed the role of Abigail in 2016, left in 2018, returned in 2020, left again and came back, so not playing Abigail steadily is nothing new. A couple of those stretches Kate Mansi took her place and played the ill-fated character, but this time she wasn’t available to take over either. Marci would have been willing to stay on as recurring, but the powers that be wanted an actress who could be Abigail all the time.

Instead of recasting the role, they chose to kill the character off because Marci wanted some time off to do some other creative things. Marci says she just wasn’t prepared to play Abigail for the next twenty years and it was hard for the show to accommodate that!

DOOL Spoilers – Marci Miller Likes To Do Other Things

Marci says in the Soap Opera Digest interview that she likes to do other things and she could have gotten parts in a couple of films but the show couldn’t accommodate.  So she had to turn the parts down after being offered to her, but stressed that Days Of Our Lives wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Actors sign contracts and basically sell their time to the show in doing so, and that’s it, and this time she couldn’t make it work to do other things. So, she decided it was time to go to work on some other projects, but admits their decision to kill the character was totally unexpected! She says the show runners and she and her agents did try to meet in the middle but couldn’t come up with a solution that worked for everyone.

DOOL Spoilers – Marci Miller Was Upset At Her Character Being Killed Off

Marci admits she was upset and sad to hear that her character was going to be killed off, even though she understands the show’s choice to do so. Abigail was considered a legacy character, since she was born to a legacy character family and she thought there would be a recast, and Marci thinks they should have. That way she could return in the future to play Abigail if she was needed to do so, and would have wanted to, but the show had other ideas.

She had many of her co-workers feel the same way – like, what are they doing? Why would they kill off Abigail instead of recast her; Deidre Hall, who plays Marlena, felt like someone had really died!

DOOL Spoilers – The Death Scene Was Difficult To Film

For Marci, the death scene was difficult to film – not because she had any lines or had problems holding her breath. She had a difficult time not crying in response to the crying of her co-workers in scenes with her responding to the death! She laid on a real autopsy table in the hospital scene and says the metal was cold on her back, her head in a weird kind of brace.

She says there was a bright light and a sheet over her face and she had to literally play dead while co-workers she’s close to in real life mourned her death! Cady McClain (Jennifer Deveraux) was crying over Abigail her child and it hit her hard, being a new mother herself and her tears came and she was told she couldn’t cry!

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