90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise: What To Expect

The 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise is back for the next season. In this second season, viewers would be able to see how love is being expressed by couples in different locations. While most couples have been standing strong, others aren’t. It may be the last stand for some of them.

Lovers In Paradise: Season 2: Who Is Returning?

It has been confirmed that Amber and Daniel would be back on the show to rekindle their romance. The couple first met in Costa Rica and it was love at first sight. They eventually got married and moved to Florida. 

Unfortunately, after the honeymoon, things were not like they were. So, to rekindle that flame, the couple decided to head back to the place where they found love- Costa Rica.

Aryanna and Sherlon would also be returning for the next season. They both found love in Jamaica. When Aryanna got back to America, she realized that she was pregnant. 

Telling Sherlon about it made him indecisive as he was not sure if he would love to come to America or not. Aryanna gave birth to her son Odin but Sherlon wasn’t there to welcome his child. 

His ambivalent character made Aryanna very sad. For this reason, she’s returning to Jamaica to see if she could change his mind. There are many theories claiming that Sherlon might be in a new relationship. However, no one has confirmed this.

The Newbies

Danielle from New York has been intrigued with the concept of spirituality ever since her first marriage failed. She gave birth to a son during her first marriage and as he got older Danielle decided to try dating again. 

She met the love of her life in the Dominican Republic. Although there was a language barrier, Yohan and Danielle loved themselves. Yohan proposed to Danielle on the second trip and she said yes. Now, she’s returning to marry him after five months. 

Yet, it seems as if Yohan has some secrets. Could he be using her for the money she has? Well, all will be revealed in time. 

We also have other newbies in the show with their unique situations.  In the end, we hope that their wishes come true. Stay tuned for more information about the show.

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