Duggar News: The Real Reason Why Jeremy Vuolo Married Jinger?

Many fans of the Duggar family have been pondering Jeremy Vuolo’s decision to court and marry Jinger out of all her sisters.

Getting Married

Lots of fans have learned how their relationship began. They got married on November 5, 2016. About two years later, they welcomed their first child, Felicity Nicole into the world. 

Sadly in 2019, they had a miscarriage but in November 2020, their second child,  Evangeline Jo, was born. The couple moved to Laredo, Texas after they got married. 

They shortly relocated to Los Angeles, California which is where they still live today. At the moment, Jeremy is attending the Master’s Seminary there.

How They Met

Many Duggar fans have been discussing the couple’s relationship for a while now. On Reddit, a user revealed that they’ve been reading the couple’s book. 

They confirmed that they have also learned a thing or two from Jeremy and Jinger. He revealed that “Ben didn’t immediately recommend Jinger specifically to Jeremy.”

According to the user, Ben only said that he had a ‘great sister-in-law’. Many people expected that he would pick Jana. But they were wrong.

The Real Reason?

Many fans have agreed that the reason Jeremy picked Jinger was that she was close to Jessa Seewald. Ben and Jessa must have set them up. Other fans on Reddit have also been making their theories as well. 

Many fans believe that Jana may not be ” fun to be around.” Others feel that the reason they got married may be due to their unique personalities. Some guessed that they got along so well that they decide to pursue each other. 

One user stated that maybe Jeremy wanted a “meek” personality and Jana did not fit that description. Do you have your theory, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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