Josh Duggar Sentencing: Did Anna’s Body Language Betray Her Feelings?

Josh Duggar finally appeared in court for his sentencing after being found guilty of downloading child pornography. Although two charges were brought against him, the one of possession was not taken into account. During the proceedings, Counting On fans heard that he was likely to present a danger to minors. Well, he ended up copping 12 years and seven months inside. How did Anna expose her thoughts that she still thinks he’s completely innocent?

Josh Duggar Sentencing Brings New Rumors About Anna

The defense always argued that someone other than Jim Bob’s oldest son was to blame for the CSAM content on his computer. So, they filed motions for either the acquittal of their client or retrial. In the end, he didn’t get that, but he did get a shorter sentence than 20 years. Obviously, if both charges were taken into consideration, he might have served more time.

Once the sentence for Josh Duggar hit the headlines, you might think that interest in the case waned. However, anonymous sources suggest there might be further investigations. We reported that Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball claimed to have insider info. In fact, her sources suggest it’s possible that he may have made content. Since then, she also posted about the possibility that Anna might have known about it.

Josh Duggar – Anna Believes He’s Innocent – Body Language

Katie Joy’s not the only influencer who followed the story of the sentencing. Cheatsheet reported that “SoJo Files and Elle Bee” also attended the hearing. In their YouTube post about it, they noticed Anna’s body language.

Katie Joy – Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

The video that the influencers did about the sentencing of Josh Duggar ran for over two hours. However, Cheatsheet picked up on the bit about Anna’s body language. It came when the prosecution noted that Anna’s husband has a definite attraction to small kids. Well, the influencers were fortunate to sit in a place where they could see Anna. And, the Counting On alum seemed to choose a bad time to use body language.

Rolling Eyes Give Anna Away

Watching Anna hear about suspicions that Josh Duggar is really into little kids, “Elle Bee noted that when she looked at Anna …the mother of seven was rolling her eyes.”

Naturally, it strongly indicates that she thinks the allegations against her husband are unbelievable. To this day, she reportedly remains convinced that he’s innocent and should never have been prosecuted for child porn in the first place. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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