Dancing with the Stars:  Cheryl Burke Tried Marriage Counseling Before Opting For Divorce

Divorce has always been a challenging episode for couples who have been together for a while. This seems to be the case for DWTS pro, Cheryl Burke. Cheryl did everything to make her marriage to Matthew Lawrence work. But all her efforts were in vain.

Well, Cheryl has decided to move on with her life. She recently started a podcast about dating after divorce. She wants her fans to know that she did everything within her power to move ahead with her marriage. They even went for counseling.

DWTS: Cheryl Believes In Therapy

In a recent report from PEOPLE magazine, Cheryl had an interview with Tamron Hall where she discusses some private details about her life. Although Cheryl feels sad about the end of her marriage, she has no regrets. 

Why? Because she did everything to make it work. She even went for therapy. In that interview, she stated that she loved the concept of therapy. She added that she and Matt were in couple’s therapy before they got married. 

For her, going to therapy doesn’t mean that there’s a problem you’re trying to fix. Going back, the professional dancer is a recovering alcoholic and admitted that therapy helped her to get back to her feet.

Cheryl feels that “it’s very healthy to have that third person there that’s not biased and that can give you ways and tools on how to communicate.”


Cheryl and Matt were married for three years but they decided to exit back in January over “irreconcilable differences.” Both parties didn’t give many details about the split. It looks as if the wonderful couple just grew apart.

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