Welcome To Plathville:  Fans Are Not Happy With Lydia Plath

Fans of the popular TLC series, Welcome To Plathville are outraged by what Lydia did in a video. They’re quite surprised at her actions and had to get it off their chest.

The fourth season of the show premiered on Tuesday last week. No doubt, it’s going to be filled with lots of drama, laughter, and a lot more for the Plath family. 

Already, the Plath family has some issues to deal with. From Moriah’s and Max’s breakup to Kim Plaths’ mid-life crisis. 

Overall, the show would be very engaging to watch. So what did Lydia do to cause this massive uproar from fans? Well, let’s find out.

Plathville: Lydiah And Moriah Plath Sit Down For An important Discussion

A clip was released from the newest episode of the show by TLC on May 24, 2022. 

In this clip, The sisters- Moriah and Lydiah- were having a deep conversation about Moriah’s ex Max Kallschmidt. 

After learning about what happened to their relationship, Lydia asked an unpaired question. She asked Moriah if it was okay for Max to hang out with her friend group.

During her session, Moriah admitted that Lydia’s response wasn’t what she expected.

According to her, all she was asking for was emotional support and not using her breakup as an advantage.

Plathville Fans React To Lydia’s Insensitive Response

Fans had to respond to the clip they saw. In the comment section, many fans said that what Lydia did was very wrong. 

Many fans also wondered if Lydia was happy that her sister got dumped. Some also assumed that she even wants Max for herself.

Click here to watch the clip for yourself. 

What do you think about Lydia’s reaction? Do you think that she secretly prayed for her sisters’ downfall? Let us know how you feel in the comment section.  

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