I Am Shauna Rae Season 2 Arrives This Year – Spoilers Emerge

I Am Shauna Rae ended in February after airing Season 1. Actually, fans liked the new TLC show because it brought something different. If you don’t know, she’s an adult trapped inside the body of an eight-year-old child. Now that Season 2 has been announced, spoilers reveal that fans will be able to see more of her as she becomes more independent.

I Am Shauna Rae – The Popular New Kid On The TV Block

The young woman isn’t a kid anymore, and that’s the problem. People think she’s cute. However, it gives her major headaches as she will always be physically young. If you missed Season 1, she won a lot of fans as she opened up about dating and weirdos with fetishes. The show was a nice break from the never-ending 90 Day Fiance spinoffs, and fans hoped for another season.

The announcement of a second season comes at a great time because I Am Shauna Rae might fill the gap where fans used to follow the Busby family, Rumors run around that The OutDaughtered show might not return for a while.

Actually, Adam Busby leaked the possibility in the comments of one of his Instagram posts. At least fans can look forward to the return of the very popular star, Shauna.

I Am Shauna Rae season 2 Spoilers & Premiere Date

According to Broadway World, the new season comes later this year, but a premiere date has not yet arrived. However, given the fact that the show returns, it shouldn’t be long before the premiere date is confirmed. Nevertheless, plenty of spoilers came along. Last season, fans saw that folks were forever checking hr ID. Additionally, enjoying an alcoholic drink came with all sorts of drama.

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I Am Shauna Rae fans know that she suffers from a condition that arose after she was treated for cancer as a baby. Her pituitary gland was damaged, which means that she remains very small and childlike. As a result, her parents seem to be reluctant to let her live her life as other adults do.

Spoilers reveal that they hope to give their daughter more privacy by buying another home. However, she plans to move out with her sister Rylee. Other spoilers, which Shauna already spoiled on social media, reveal that she goes for her driving permit

More About Season 2 Storyline

I Am Shauna Rae will also bring scenes of the young woman hunting for a job. As you can imagine, folks are reluctant to employ someone who looks like a little kid. Additionally, she might have found someone to fall in love with as she meets a guy with the same pituitary condition.

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