90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Miona Having Second Thoughts About Staying In Rapid City

Living in South Dakota may become a problem for one of our favorite couples on TLC’s “90 day fiance.”

Sunday’s episode was quite amusing for lovers of the show. Jibri, 28, from Rapid City, and his fiancé, Miona, 23, from Serbia decided to tour the second-largest city in South Dakota.

Based on the show’s timeline and following the rules of the K-1 visa, Jibiri and Miona have only 90 days to get married. Once this visa expires, the fiance would be sent back to their country.

Jibri Takes Miona Around The City

We can see Jibiri giving Miona a ride. He appreciates her for coming over to Rapid City. Miona on the other hand wasn’t impressed. “There is nothing,” she replied. Jibri wasn’t falling for that.

As the first city in America, Jibiri explained to her that this was a city of freedom. But Fiona had other thoughts about the city. To her, it looked nice for the countryside.

Taking her downtown, everything seemed new to Miona. There were no tall buildings, there were lots of cars and nobody was walking. The Rapid City wasn’t just working out for her.

Miona Getting Nervous About Seeing Jibiri’s Mum

Aside from being sad about the way the city looks, Miona was also concerned about Jibiri’s mum.

Seeing his mum for the first time, she hopes that she doesn’t bring some bad energy to the table. Jibri tries to comfort her. He tells her to be herself.

According to Miona, she understands that Jibiri’s mother’s opinion is very important to him. For that reason, she wants Jibiri’s mum to like her.

Jibiri’s Concerned About Mionas’ Responses During The Ride

Jibirii agrees that he and Miona have one thing in common: they’re both stubborn and also find it difficult to compromise.

This has been his thoughts as Fiona has always been dreaming about living in America. He understands her but he feels it’s going to take a lot to get there. For that reason, they have to join hands to make their dreams a reality.

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