Love After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey and Antoine’s Confrontation

Lover After Lockup spoilers reveal that Lacey and Antoine have been keeping a lot of secrets from one another and in true fashion, they will come out and when they do, it will be crazy! In the newest episode of the show, their date night won’t be pretty and things will start to shift in their relationship. They have both been hiding some pretty serious secrets and when it comes out, we will all hear about the catfish letters that Lacey sent to Antoine while he was in prison!

Their Story

Lacey has always been a hopeless romantic on the show and she is trying really hard to make her relationship work with Antoine. He recently got out of prison and of course, things have been tough. She left her husband of twenty years to be with him and the 12-year age gap has complicated things. Lacey has fallen hard and fast for him, but it does seem as if they both continue to hide things from one another.

After they have a horrible date, Lacey wants an apology from him, but he refuses to do so. He then tells her that he needs a second and then comes back with letters that he got while he was in prison. He gives Lacey and letter and asks her what is up with it.

Did She Catfish Him?

It seems as if Lacey catfished Antoine by writing him letters as someone else while he was serving his time. He tells her, “I know you wrote that s**t. Check the handwriting on it. That’s you trying to act like another b***h.” She smirks at him and looks very guilty.

The letters are from a woman named Ariana Lopez and Lacey did admit to writing these letters to him. He figured it out as he watched her write the shopping lists and when the handwriting matched, he had to ask her about it.

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