Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Deidre Hall Dishes On Levitation and MarDevil 2.0

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal The Devil taking over Marlena more and more while she struggles to break free. And actress Deidre Hall is having the time of her life playing MarDevil a second time around.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: DOOL Revisits Possession 21st-Century Style

Fans of DAYS were shocked this fall when they learned the soap was bringing the iconic possession story back and Marlena would once again wreak havoc all over Salem as MarDevil. So far, we have seen Marlena’s eyes glow that familiar yellow-ish green, have heard The Devil’s deep voice come out of her mouth, and seen her levitate. Now, all she has to do is morph into a jaguar and we can party like it’s 1995 all over again. However, Deidre Hall is happy that more than a quarter-century has passed and the story can be revisited using modern technology.

“I knew she was going to be possessed again and of course nothing says possession like levitation,” Hall said in a video interview with TV Insider. “What was so different about it this time was 25 years ago was the first levitation…we didn’t have the special effects then that we have now so if you were a little frightened then, we are so gonna get you now…I mean the bed rocks, the windows fly open, I mean it is wild, it is completely terrifying this time.”

What Deidre Hall Always Wants From A Possession Story

Even back in 1994 when she first learned that her character would be possessed by Satan, Hall had her standards for how the story would be told.

“My biggest concern the first time around when Jim Reilly wrote possession was that it can’t be hokey,” she told TV Insider. “It has to be real, it’s gotta be powerful, and we didn’t know it was Marlena till Christmas Eve and everyone was in church and all this stuff had happened. And the audience went insane.”

She also can’t wait for new audiences to take in this story in such a unique and modern way, both with how the tale is being told in Johnny’s (Carson Boatman) movie, and with 21st-century effects.

“This time I wasn’t too concerned about that because we know how to do those tricks now. What’s gotten added is all the special effects that we get to have now that we didn’t have at our fingertips then. I was pleased and I think it’s been long enough that the audience that saw it 25 years ago is geared up for it and the new audience is going to go insane.”

Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays to see who discovers what’s really wrong with Marlena first.

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