Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Comparing Possession Plots Proves Marlena’s Inner Demon Could Get MORE Devilish!

Days Of Our Lives’ return to the famous possession plot has haunted fans throughout recent episodes.

But the worst has occurred, right?

Maybe not!

By comparing the past and present possession plots, we think that Marlena Evans’ inner demon may become more devilish before fading!

Find out what might happen below.

Days Of Our Lives Possession Plot #1

First, let’s look at what happened during the Days Of Our Lives first possession plot.

That story arc started with evil Stefano DiMera performing hypnosis on Marlena in order to get her to adore him.

As a result of the hypnosis, Marlena became open to demonic possession.

And oh the horror! The devil himself then possessed Marlena.

Fast forward to Marlena levitating in one of Days Of Our Lives’ most dramatic scenes!

But that levitation didn’t mark the beginning of the end.

Instead, Marlena got saved only when John Black succeeded with an exorcism.

Days Of Our Lives Possession Plot #2: Clues For The Future!

As a result of that lengthy original possession plot, we predict that the present day MarDevil has only begun her evil reign!

Where’s a scene comparable to the levitation scene?

And who could perform an exorcism now that John Black has become Marlena’s husband?!

And those aren’t the only clues that we’ve got more possession plot shockers to come.

When NBC revealed the possession plot repeat, the network said, “When Days of Our Lives revisits the story line this fall, fans can look forward to twists and turns you’d never suspect.”

And then NBC gave a surprising clue, telling fans to watch for “familiar faces returning to save the day (or not)”!

Ah ha! As long-time fans know, many stars departed Salem, and that means we don’t know who could return to participate in the possession plot!

Plus, for those who think that certain seemingly innocent individuals will never get bothered by MarDevil, the network added a haunting warning.

“…. this time around, the devil knows no bounds and no one in Salem is safe!”

Days Of Our Lives Exec Producer Teases Possession Plot Spoilers

But perhaps one of the most intriguing clues comes from the executive producer of Days Of Our Lives, Ken Corday.

EW questioned DOOL executive producer Ken Corday about the original possession plot.

“Remember, The Exorcist was only about 25 years old at the time,” pointed out Corday.

As a result, when one of the DOOL writers shared a plan to “do a storyline with Marlena possessed,” Corday hopped on the Exorcist bandwagon.

“And I said we’re going to do The Exorcist? He said, ‘That’s right.’ I said, ‘We’re going to do a feature film?’ And he said, ‘No, we’re going to make it great. It’s a serial.'”

The intrigue stems from Corday’s revelation that they scheduled the original possession plot over a three-month period.

But rather than begin during the Halloween season and ending “with a Christmas miracle,” the writer “dragged it into Easter. And he ended it literally with John Black just standing over her saying one Our Father.'”

Does that mean predictions that the current possession plot will end on Halloween are totally wrong?

And could we see the return of some of the DOOL spin-off Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem cast, such as Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna, given NBC’s hint about “familiar faces”?

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