Counting On – After Show’s Cancellation, Jill Duggar Uses Hashtags and Fans Aren’t Happy

On September 17, Jill Duggar shared an Instagram video in which she captioned, “When Fall Explodes! What’s your favorite season to decorate for?”

The caption and video may have been taken in a better light had she not also added the hashtag “Counting On.

Fans on Reddit had some things to say on it though.

Counting On: ‘Oh, Jill. Have Some Pride’

Fans didn’t like it with one Reddit user writing, “Oh, Jill. Have some pride. If I were her, I’d die before hashtagging the show (which is CANCELED, BTW.)”

In the same thread, another user commented, “Jill has used that hashtag for a long time. She knows her parents’ brand gets her attention so she takes advantage of that,” and yet another chimed in with somewhat of the defense for the former Counting On star, writing, She’s not clueless. The show may be canceled but that’s where people know her from. That’s how she’s going to get found by people who liked the show and are more willing to spend $ on whatever she’s shilling.”

But another fan came back with some of their own vitriol, calling her tacky saying, “Personally I think it’s tacky to promote a canceled show she’d quit years ago.”

Counting On: Did They Quit or Were They Fired?

Fans will recall that Jill [Duggar] and her husband Derick Dillard stepped back from the show Counting On, back in 2017, and ever since fans have debated what could have gone down between the former reality TV couple and the network.

It may be recalled that Derick also caused some turmoil when he shared some transphobic comments about I Am Jazz star, Jazz Jennings.

The TLC network condemned the transphobic comments in a statement and subsequently clarified that they would no longer be filming the Dillards.

Fans naturally believed, from this, that the Dillards had been fired by TLC but, in the following years Derick has assured fans that it was they that had chosen to leave the network and not the network that had fired them.

According to In Touch, Derick had told a fan on Twitter back in April 2018, that the network would never tell anyone that he was fired, “because I wasn’t” adding that the couple wanted to leave and that TLC wanted them to stay.

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