Why MarDevil And Devil Doug Are Nothing More Than A Days of Our Lives Love Story

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal a fall full of Satanic possession in Salem as John will once again have to race against time to save Marlena from the devil.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: It’s Been 25 Years, Marlena

Days of Our Lives took daytime by storm in 1994 when it first introduced Marlena the Church Desecrator, who became Marlena the Possessed through much of 1995. As John Black (Drake Hogestyn) has explained to Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold), he had to exorcise the devil from the woman he loved when he was still technically a priest, but it was truly their love that brought her back and rid Salem of that evil.

During that time, fans couldn’t get enough of MarDevil’s (Deidre Hall) glowing yellow eyes and those moments she levitated right off her bed, even morphing into a jaguar. How far would this show go? There’s no doubt that DOOL pushed the envelope — and it’s about to do it again, with a twist.

A Multi-Generational Satanic Possession

This time, DAYS looks like it will be telling two love stories. We will get our beloved Jarlena, as John realizes something is amiss with his doc, knowing he needs to do everything possible to bring her back. This time, he is not a priest, so John will have to work through the technicalities of that. Maybe ex-priests can get the job done, and if Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) returns, we’d get two for the price of one as Eric strives to save his mother from Lucifer.

However, we will also have Doug and Julie Williams (Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes) since the devil decided to take up residence in Doug before making his way into Marlena. Doug is traumatized both mentally and physically now and can’t seem to communicate to anyone what’s going on and why Marlena needs saving.

As Doug’s health seems to be failing, we will see Julie not leave his side as this man has been the love of her life for half a century. Wherever Doug goes, Julie goes too and she won’t give up on her man. Doug and Julie and John and Marlena are currently DAYS’ two longest-running couples and the soap is paying them tribute in a familiar and unique way.

Also, kudos to 96-year-old Bill Hayes for taking this story on without missing a beat. There truly is nobody like him. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays to see how John beats the devil once again.

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