Days Of Our Lives Deidre Hall Haunts Twitter With Devilish Demon Doug And MarDevil Photo!

Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) once fascinated fans with the now famous DOOL devil plot. During that 1994 to 1995 story arc, evil Stefano DiMera hypnotized Marlena Evans (portrayed by Deidre Hall).

But his attempt to get her to adore him turned into devilish trouble. As a result of the hypnosis, Marlena became available for demonic possession!

And eventually (after an OMG levitation scene), John Black (played by Drake Hogestyn) managed to save his now-wife by performing an exorcism.

Fast-forward to 2021, and uh oh!

Days Of Our Lives has decided to revisit that possession plot with a twist no one saw coming. Doug Williams (played by Bill Hayes) gets haunted by the demon himself. Eeek! Demon Doug has entered the room.

And now, just as we’re trying to guess what might happen next, Days Of Our Lives star Deidre Hall provided a clue on Twitter!

DOOL Star Deidre Hall Gets Into The Devilish Spirit

Days Of Our Lives star Deidre Hall, who has portrayed Dr. Marlena Evans on DOOL for more than four decades, often lights up Twitter with her wit.

And now, just in time to fuel the possession plot fervor, Deidre has tweeted the creepiest photo yet! Check out the Days Of Our Lives star’s Twitter pic below, featuring demonic Doug and MarDevil herself.

Twitter fans of the Days Of Our Lives star went wild over the pic. And while hundreds showed their heart-shaped love for the DOOL clues revealed in that photo, others chimed in with some suitably hellish theories. See what you think about what wicked event could haunt Salem next below.

Beware Salem: Demon Doug And MarDevil Could Haunt You!

Days Of Our Lives fans tend to enjoy debates over plot twists. And that tendency played out in the wake of Deidre Hall’s new DOOL pic on Twitter.

Some of her followers felt betrayed or misled by the sight of demonic Doug.


Because Days Of Our Lives initially hinted that Doug’s memory loss and uncharacteristic actions stemmed from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Instead, the discovery that the Devil had possessed Doug and caused those changes annoyed the “he’s got dementia” theorists.

But others disagreed.

“Why would you want to watch another sad story on Alzheimer’s or dementia?? The actor portraying Doug says he’s looking forward to doing something different and at 98 he’s off to a great start! I for one can’t wait to see what’s in store for the fine people of Salem!!!” defended one DOOL fan.

(Note: The actor playing Doug is Bill Hayes, who’s actually 96 rather than 98.)

DOOL Spoilers: Could The Devil Haunt Someone Unexpected?!

One key question when we think about the Devil’s next escapades on Days Of Our Lives: Who else could get possessed?

Johnny’s movie remains an intriguing plot point. Will that film turn into a real-life re-creation of the Exorcist?

And does Allie’s interest in their family history push her close enough to the hellish fires to get singed as well?

Tweet us your DOOL demon views! And be sure to check back on our site for all your news and updates about Days Of Our Lives.

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