Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Desperate to Sell Her Home and Move on From Kody?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Sister Wives star Christine Brown updated some of the décor in her home.

Fans know that the reality TV star has been trying to sell her home in Flagstaff, Arizona and she hasn’t been having the greatest of luck.

Having originally purchased the home in 2018 for $525,000 and then dropping a lot of cash into the home since then, she initially asked $750,000 when she put it on the market. The home is now listed at $725,000.

Sister Wives Spoilers: The Redecorating

So, when the Sister Wives alum started doing redecorating, fans began to wonder if she has taken the home off the market.

Other fans realized that perhaps she was pushing harder to sell.

Her time as a member of the expansive and controversial Brown family hasn’t always been easy for the mother of six.

Having been raised in a polygamist household herself, becoming a polygamist wife was almost learned behavior for Christine.

She became Kody Brown’s third wife in 1994 and peace more or less reigned until 2010 when Kody married Robyn. Then things changed.

Sister Wives Spoilers: The Low Points in Christine’s life

According to Screenrant, Sister Wives has put a lot of low points in Christine’s life, on display over the years and some might imagine that she questioned her reasons for joining the Brown household.

She has confessed before that her 40s were difficult and that keeping up with Kody wasn’t easy.

Jump forward in time to now and we have Christine posting images on Instagram of changes she’s making in her home indicating that she had decided to completely change the theme of her home.

Fans know that the reality TV star has always had an interest in fashion so it shouldn’t have been a surprise for anyone.

One might even assume that engaging in things she is passionate about would help relax her in stressful situations.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine’s Just Doing Her Thing

Many fans had thought that the change in décor had something to do with the sale of her home.

Some fans have also thought that the sale of her home was an indication that she was getting ready to move on from Kody Brown.

Of course, Kody is known for dragging his brood all over the country and thus it wouldn’t be surprising if this sale is an indicator that that sort of a change is on the horizon.

Though some believe that Christine is getting her home ready for a buyer, but the caption on her post may indicate that it’s just Christine doing what she does: “It will all come down for Halloween Decorations SOON!”

Leave a comment about what you believe she’s up to.

The Season 16 premiere of the show has not been announced. Keep checking Tv Soap Videos for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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