Sister Wives: Christine Brown, Struggling to Sell Property, Shows Off New Home Décor

Struggling to sell her home in Arizona, Christine has decided to upgrade the décor with a “French Country” look.

The star of the popular reality TV series, Sister Wives, exhibited her new home décor on Instagram and captioned the image with, “I’ve decided to completely change the them of my house and go with A kind of French Country look. So excited!! Of course, it will all come down for Halloween Decorations SOON!”

In the image, we can see shelves filled with jugs, copper teapots, wooden and ceramic bowls, chopping boards, and a few houseplants all neatly organized as if a professional had made the display.

Sister Wives: Fans Gush Over the Addition, Some Wonder if House is off the Market

Fans, followers, and friends were quit to complement the collection with one saying, “You really know how to put things together and make them look beautiful,” and another gushing, “That is really pretty. I honestly thought this photo was from one of the designers I follow on IG.”

Other fans questioned the Reality Star on why she’s making changes if she’s planning on moving with a fan writing, “Did you take house off market? Hope everything works out either way.”

Sister Wives: The property was placed on the market

The property was placed on the market back in August with an asking price of $725,000 and then, earlier this month, the price was reduced to $700,000 after a sale failed to pan out.

Earlier this year, according to The Sun Christine confirmed that she would be staying in the home while it was on the market even though she had expressed a desire to return to Utah.

It was in the Season Finale that she expressed a desire to return to Utah after the state decriminalized polygamy.

Sister Wives: A Family in Distress

However, fans will recall that Kody, 53, and the other sister wives shut the idea down.

Christine had broken down in tears, saying that she couldn’t be married to Kody anymore, that she “doesn’t matter” to him.

Ever since the finale ended, viewers have been encouraging Christine to dust off her feet and leave the family.

According to The Sun, Kody is in debt with the most recent addition to the Brown brood, Robyn, 42, to the tune of $1,000 in taxes as they “can’t afford” to build on their property.

The taxes are owed since the two still have to live in their four-bedroom, five-bathroom home that almost ruined the couple’s marriage.

The land at Coyote Pass was purchased with the explicit goal of building four-family homes for the entire Brown pack.

As the building has been stalled for some time, the family has been struggling with living in four separate homes miles apart.

New episodes of Sister Wives will return this fall, November 21, on TLC.

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