Love After Lockup Spoilers: Is Kristianna Pregnant?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Is Kristianna Pregnant?

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that fans think that Kristianna could be pregnant with John’s baby! This is the latest rumor going around about her and fans are really excited to find out the truth.

What Started the Rumor?

We all know that in the world of reality television, rumors get started pretty easily. Kristianna and John are on Love After Lockup, a show about the lives of those who are released from prison and have a spouse or significant other waiting patiently for them. Many of them met through the prison pen pal system, but others knew one another before they went to jail. This is the third season of the show for Kristianna and John.

It looks as if these two are trying to have a baby. The couple has been all over social media and talks about how they are so popular now. One video that they made featured them in the car saying, “We’re blowin’ up a little bit over here. You know, reality TV and all. Yeah, we’re in the process of doing our third season now.”

The Fame Game

Now that the couple is on the show once again, they have started promoting themselves a lot more. John told fans that they were given the opportunity to promote a new clothing line and they are making extra money on Cameo. With all of these outlets, many fans think that Kristianna could be pregnant and that is why they are working so hard.

Kristianna did tell her fans that she is not yet pregnant, but the couple is actively trying to have a baby. She is a free woman now and has told her fans that if she ever has a baby, it will keep her from going back to prison. She wants to maintain a clean lifestyle when she has a baby and this is a great chance for her to do so.

Kristianna’s friends and family have said that she is doing a much better job taking care of herself and they could see her having a baby.

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