Life After Lockup Spoilers: Who is Shawn Osborne’s Girlfriend

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Shawn Osborne has a new woman in his life and she is another convict. Her name is Sara and he is just getting over a pretty messy breakup with his ex, Destinie. Sara is just newly out of prison and it looks like she could be just as much trouble as Destinie was.

Love and Life

We last saw Shawn on Love After Lockup in the third season. He met Destinie through a “meet an inmate” platform and he really did think that she was the best thing to ever happen to him. Destinie had some motives, of course, and ended up just wanted him for his money. She didn’t want to marry him and she did everything in her power to break up with him. He finally saw her ways as being manipulative and using, so they ended things and he has moved on.

On season four of Life After Lockup, Shawn will show us his new relationship with Sara and just how much he likes her. She is incredibly different than Destinie and we can already tell just how well she treats him. She has shared with cameras how attracted she is to him and how much she is invested in him. She also mentioned that after her friend overdosed on drugs, she wants nothing to do with that anymore.

Is Shawn in Luck?

We do find out that Shawn was talking to Sara while he was still with Destinie, but in the end, he chose Destinie over Sara. He has already told the mother of his children about Sara and thinks that this one will be good for him. He is focused on making it work with her and has admitted that he is in love with Sara!

When Sara finally gets out of jail, she reveals that she has been keeping a big secret from Shawn and it could destroy the love that they have.

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