Counting On Spoilers: Josh Duggar Is Blaming Donald Trump For A Surprising Reason

Counting On spoilers reveals that Josh Duggar wants his charges dismissed and he is blaming Donald Trump for this one! His attorneys are doing what they can to get his case dismissed and their latest tactic includes the former president.

What Now?

There have been a lot of federal cases that were thrown out by Trump when he was president and now it looks as if Duggar’s attorneys are trying to pull the same card. Duggar has been investigated by Homeland Security for years now and his attorneys feel that his charges are unlawful. The reason that they want Trump’s help is that the two men who work for Homeland Security, Chad Wolf and Kevin McAleenan, acted under Trump’s direction.

Many of the actions that Wolf took when he was working under Trump were deemed unlawful and unconstitutional. This could happen to Duggar and his attorneys if they are not careful. A detective that works at the Little Rock Police Department is the one who gave Homeland Security the tip to investigate Duggar further.

Motions Filed

Just a few days ago, Duggar’s team filed a motion to get the charges of possessing and receiving child pornography dropped. They have and will continue to make these motions, but as of right now, it does look like he will still go to trial in November. There have been several other motions filed as well.

Another motion that Duggar’s attorneys have filed is that his constitutional rights were violated because he was denied an attorney present at the interrogation. He did sign a Miranda waiver, however, meaning that he knew his rights at the point when he was arrested. His lawyers say that Duggar was not given the waiver until much later in the interrogation.

Duggar was charged with possession of child pornography and the movies and pictures that were found on his devices are pretty intense. He continues to deny that these belong to him, but the case against him is pretty strong. We will have to wait and see what happens in November.

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