Royal Family Was Pleased Meghan Markle Stayed Away From Prince Philip’s Funeral?

British royal family news shows that Meghan and Harry just can’t step out of the spotlight despite claiming they want nothing to do with it. Their latest splash in the PR pond has to do with the updated version of their year-old bio.

According to excerpts from the book that makes an excellent doorstop, there is more we need to know about their tell-all Oprah Winfrey interview. Like what? Apparently Prince William was “furious” after the couple flung mud at the monarchy, but mud flinger Meghan found it “cathartic” and “liberating.”

Royal Family News: Meghan Had a Cathartic Experience Throwing the Royals Under the Bus

But Meghan’s joy at throwing the royals (aka her in-laws) under the bus was short lived. According to, “a friend of the duchess” she had nothing but complaints afterward due to the fact that the monarchy took, “little accountability” over her rants.

To be fair, her tirades attracted a ton of attention, mostly for the wrong reasons, e.g., they were incorrect–as in wrong, false and not true. Take for instance her boast that the Archbishop of Canterbury broke his vows for her. According to Meghan he married her and Harry in secret days before the actual wedding. Sorry Rachel, the Archbishop called you a liar on that one, and truth be told we believe him over you any day of the year.

This is just one example of how Harry and Meghan’s tall tales were dissembled one by one. Keep that in mind if you have a desire to part with good money to buy their bio.

Royal Family News: Meghan and Harry Have Been Discredited

It gets better. According to the Daily Mail, “Harry and Meghan have repeatedly insisted that Finding Freedom,” their gushing bio, “was unauthorized and that they had not offered any co-operation.” Again, they were shown to be not telling truth as one of the author’s thanked them in the back of the book for their help. Oops.

What else can one look forward to in this new and improved version of Meghan and Harry’s rendition of the truth? According to the outlet, several leaks have emerged including the claim that Meghan, “had no idea that diamond earrings given to her as a wedding present were from Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi prince accused of ordering the murder of a journalist.”

This is the kind of tripe you’re in for—don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the royal family. Come back here often for royal family news and updates.

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