Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Is the Show Scripted?

Welcome to Plathville spoilers reveal that there are plenty of viewers that think the TLC show is scripted. The show follows Kim and Barry Plath and their nine kids in their South Georgia home. Kim and Barry have raised their children in the Southern Baptist religion and even homeschooled them.

They did not allow television, social media, or sugary drinks and foods. The children have started to get older and many of them are starting to rebel against them. The drama has been brewing and it looks like some fans think that TLC could be adding some drama for effect.

What is The Truth?

There are quite a few viewers that feel that the Plaths aren’t exactly telling the truth when it comes to their lives. A few viewers have talked about how the show seems unreal for our modern-day lives. Some viewers feel that no one would want to live such a secluded life, but there are people out there that would rather hang out alone, in the woods, than with people.

Micah Plath tried to clarify this for fans though. He told fans that he and his siblings have chosen to go their own ways and that this part of the show is not scripted. He said that being raised in such a strict environment can make or break your thoughts on religion. This is why many of the older siblings have chosen to go their own way.

No Longer on the Farm

On the second season of Welcome to Plathville, we saw that Kim and Barry wanted to move away from the farm and this is another reason that some viewers felt that their story has been scripted. Their farm is now listed as an Airbnb, so clearly they are no longer working there. They do have a new home in Cairo, Georgia that is much less secluded.

There are many signs that show that the show could be scripted, but from what we have heard from the cast, this is all how they react to one another and there is nothing scripted at all.

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