Love After Lockup Spoilers: Who Has Dougie Now?

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that now that Doug is back in prison, fans of the show are curious who got custody of Dougie. With his father in jail, fans are worried about what will happen to him. With Rachel splitting up from Doug, this whole situation seems to be a huge mess! We have the details on the custody battle here.

Prison and Love Drama

Rachel and Doug had quite the bumpy relationship and when she found out that he cheated on her, she called it quits with him. This was not before she wanted to get full custody of his son, Dougie. Rachel got dirty when she found out that Doug had cheated on her. She actually posted a picture of him with the woman that he cheated on her with. This ended their marriage very quckly, but we still are concerned about Dougie, Doug’s young son.

It seems that Rachel now has full custody of Dougie and they have been spending quite a bit of time together. She has been sharing a lot on social media and they look very happy. She has another son and it looks as if they get along very well and like being around one another.

Rachel Adopting Dougie

When Rachel first met Dougie, she was in love with his personality and knew that he needed a good mother figure around. Now that his father is back in prison, Dougie now has a good life ahead of him and Rachel can give that to him. She loves him like her own and it looks like, from the charges, his father may be in prison for quite some time.

Rachel recently posted on her Instagram account a picture with her and Dougie. The picture was captioned, “When a relationship ends between two people, it never ends with a child. Great things came out of my mistakes.” Her fans told her that she has changed Dougie’s life and he is blessed to have her as his mother.

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