Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: What is The Plath Religion?

Welcome to Plathville spoilers reveal that fans of the show are curious about the religion of the Plath family. From what we have seen of the family, they are incredibly religious and Kim and Barry Plath raised their children at home. They home-schooled them and didn’t allow them to watch television, use social media, or even drink sodas! The Georgia family is made up of Kim and Barry and their nine children. Many viewers are unsure what their religion is though.

What is Their Religion?

From watching the Plath family on TLC, we have seen a lot of differences between them and other families. They are very similar to the Duggar family though. The Plaths are a Christian fundamentalist family. They are incredibly similar to the Duggar family in that they are very religious and have many children. Much like the Duggars, they like to live a secluded life and raise their children all at home.

The Plath family has been linked to an organization called No Greater Joy Ministries. This is a very controversial Christian group and many viewers are not sure if they are as strict as the Duggars when it comes to the views that they have on politics, marriage, and schooling. They claim that they are closer to the Southern Baptist sect of Christianity.

The Kids Speak Out

Many of the Plath children claim that their family didn’t really attend church the way that most Southern Baptists do. Ethan Plath told fans that his family chose to go to a small church in one of their friend’s homes. His parents didn’t like how the main church was run, so they chose to go to a smaller one.

Ethan’s wife, Olivia Plath, has spoken out quite a bit about her time in the church. She told her fans, “Growing up in a conservative, legalistic church left a bad taste of Christianity in my mouth. As an adult, I’ve wrestled hard with what I believe and what religion I want in my life. And here’s what I decided. I don’t want religion. I want nothing to do with religion.”

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