Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Another Plath Child Has Secret Boyfriend, Will Kim Come Between Them?

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers indicate that Lydia Plath has found a boyfriend and is seeing him behind her parents’ back. Will Kim Plath come between the two of them?

Kim Wants To Know Everything About The Boyfriends

Welcome to Plathville’s Kim wants to know everything about any potential boyfriends for her daughters. Frankly, kind wants to meet the family of any of her children’s significant others. Kim believes that both families should be involved in the relationship for it to progress. However, Kim’s children do not see eye to eye with her and wonder what she will do next after everything with Olivia and Ethan’s marriage.

Can Ethan and Olivia ever make up with the family? Will Lydia be expected to meet unreasonable expectations to have a boyfriend? Once Kim checks Lydia’s phone, what will happen to the happy couple. Will Barry and Kim destroy their relationship. Will Lydia continue to see the young man she has been talking to or be forced to break up with him?

New Job Means New Opportunities

Welcome to Plathville’s Lydia was struck on some other guy last season. However, this season Lydia has a job at the garage where her siblings have worked. Lydia believes she will be an asset to the business. However, Lydia can also see her brother without her parents knowing anything about it.

After all, Lydia is very close to being an adult and making her own choices. Will Lydia find a man at the garage that she connects with? Will Lydia have to keep him hidden from her parents so she can explore this relationship?

Lydia’s Siblings Could Help Her

Welcome to Plathville’s Lydia may have to call upon her siblings for help with her new boyfriend. Kim is determined to put a stop to their communications and Barry is right there with her. However, Lydia has seen what this feud has done to her brother. However, with Lydia secretly talking to Ethan, she may be able to sneak around and see her boyfriend at his house. Micah and Moriah may also be willing to help out their younger siblings. All of the siblings know how Olivia has been treated by their mother. Will the older sibling rally to help preserve Lydia’s relationship with her new man?

Lydia knows that her parents will not be accepting of a man in her life at this point. Will Lydia be the next in line to move out because of her parents’ treatment of her and her boyfriend? Are the Plath’s about to lose another child because they interfered in their love life?

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