Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie Winder’s Pregnancy Update

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that fans are curious about Sophie Winder’s pregnancy. We first heard of her pregnancy back in the summer and it looks like she is expecting in November. This will be the third Winder child of the plural family. Sophie has been very open about the difficulties that she has had with her pregnancy and we have more information on it.

Infertility Woes

One of the biggest problems that Sophie has had with her pregnancy was the idea of infertility. She has been battling it for years and when she ended up getting pregnant she was grateful. The season two Winders had a lot of issues when it comes to having kids. They have continued to remain positive through it all though and this has been a light for fans.

The Winder family has been a fan favorite since the beginning, but they did have some jealousy issues and domestic violence issues come up. Sophie is the second wife and Tami Winder is the first wife to Colton Winder. Both of the women have had serious complications with their pregnancies and viewers are happy to see that Sophie is doing well right now.

Sophie’s Blog

Sophie has been very open about all the hardships she has gone through when trying to have a baby. She has had trouble getting pregnant and when she and Colton first got married, she wanted to be a midwife. She was always around women who were pregnant and this made things very difficult for her when she couldn’t have a baby.

She learned a lot more about being pregnant and ovulating and she has told fans just how much this helped her. She ended up going to see a fertility doctor and soon, she was pregnant. This pregnancy hasn’t been easy, but she is doing her best to take care of herself and the baby. Sophie is excited to welcome her baby girl in November and we wish her a healthy pregnancy.

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