Love After Lockup Star Michael Simmons Gets Guilty Verdict For Felony Child Neglect

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup viewers may remember star Michael Simmons, both for his time on the show and an arrest in 2020.

And sadly, the most recent news about Simmons isn’t related to a reality TV show. Instead, the Love After Lockup star is in trouble with the law AGAIN!

Find out the details below.

Michael Simmons Receives Guilty Verdict For Felony Child Neglect

Simmons entered a plea of no contest (nolo contendere) in response to a charge of felony child neglect in Florida.

After evaluating the case, a judge in Volusia County judge ruled that Michael was guilty. The child neglect statute that Simmons violated is categorized as a third degree felony.

As a result of the verdict, the former Love After Lockup star received a jail sentence. However, because Simmons received credit for serving two days previously, he was not required to stay behind bars for additional days.

In addition to the two-day jail sentence, Michael must pay a total of $769 in costs and fines, according to Starcasm.

Given that Simmons was convicted for a felony neglect connected to a child, some thought he would be required to attend parenting classes and/or be put on probation. However, he appears to have gotten off with just the fines and short jail sentence.

Was Michael Simmons Arrested For Child Neglect Before?

In November 2020, police arrested Simmons for a similar incident. He also was charged with felony child neglect at that time. More details are available from that arrest.

The charges included leaving a young child alone for more than five hours at a hotel in Daytona Beach. A witness observed the child “rotate from the beach to the pool deck, go into the ocean, pool and Jacuzzi alone, and play with another hotel guests’ child on the beach,” per the police notes.

However, no one called the police until the child asked hotel staff for food. Hotel management then learned that the young one had no one supervising him.

However, Simmons tried to defend himself by claiming he had gone to buy the child candy and that his car broke down.

“Due to the circumstances, [Michael] was taken into custody for child neglect,” reads the police report, per All About The Tea.

In addition, the police reports reveals what they told Simmons. The following factors added up to felony child neglect:

  • The child wandered around alone for five years without any type of supervision.
  • Moreover, the beach and pool both presented risks to the child.
  • A stranger potentially could have kidnapped the youngster due to the lack of supervision.
  • Simmons did not take time to get a “suitable caretaker” for the child before leaving.
  • The child remained alone without any food or even water to drink.

Will Michael Simmons learn from having been arrested twice for this charge? Check back on our site for all your news about Love After Lockup current and former stars!

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