Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Stan Smith Blows It Big Time With Lisa Who Might Not Forgive and Forget

Love After Lockup news teases that Stan Smith has a big mouth and it’s getting him in trouble. As a result, fans of the WEtv reality show will see him regret his words and try to get Lisa to forgive and forget. Can he do that without digging a deeper hole?

Love After Lockup News: Stan Smith Has a Big Mouth

In the past Stan Smith has lost his patience with Lisa and fans saw him lose it all because her son needed her. As if he couldn’t get out of his own way he made a bad situation worse by questioning her parenting skills. Most people are smart enough to know that insulting a parent’s kid, even obliquely, is like poking a starving bear. Not Stan apparently.

After he did this Lisa left Stan and hotfooted it to a hotel, thinking he would eventually apologize. The problem is that she’s been through a similar situation with her ex and isn’t sure she wants to revisit this life.

 Stan Smith Is So Sorry

Explosive show spoilers reveal that Stan Smith indeed regrets his actions and says that his behavior was horrible when his friend Dash comes by.

Dash agrees that calling Lisa out as a parent was dumb and tells Stan to go easy on doling out parenting tips. The question is, can Stan manage to keep his mouth shut?

Dash makes a good point when he tells his friend that Lisa could feel guilty about not being with her kids for months and that Stan just basically rubbed it in when he made his crack on her first day out of lockup.

Love After Lockup News: Stan’s Friend Dash Makes a Good Point

Spoilers reveal that seeing Stan so ardent about Lisa now has Dash wanting to help his friend whereas before he wasn’t sure about the relationship. But when Stan calls Lisa to apologize she isn’t exactly a pushover.

Lisa points out that Stan blew it by the way he acted when her son needed her. Will Stan understand that her son will need his mom not just one time but maybe a lot now that she is a free woman?

For her part Lisa talks to her friend Haley and confides that after eight months of emotional investment, she might have wasted her time with Stan.

The next Love After Lockup fans will see if Stan gets a second chance with Lisa. Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Love After Lockup. Come back here often for Love After Lockup news and updates.

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