Little People Big World Spoilers: Does Matt Roloff Expect Problems Before Amy’s Wedding?

Little People Big World Spoilers suggests that although Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff seem to be getting along, Matt could expect problems leading up to Amy’s wedding on the farm. Are the exes butting heads already?

Matt Roloff Offered The Farm As A Venue

Little People Big World’s Matt often talks to Amy’s fiancé, Chris Marek, and their friendship prompted Matt to offer the farm to Chris and Amy for their wedding. Although Amy checked out other venues, the couple ultimately decided on her former home for their wedding. Amy and Chris have even met with Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

However, it seems that Matt expects problems leading up to Amy’s wedding and this could cause issues for everyone involved. TLC producers recently asked Matt if it is awkward working with Amy now that they have divorced. On the latest episode of the show, Matt admits that the “awkwardness is yet to come.” This comment comes after Amy and Matt’s discussion of flowers for her wedding ceremony.

There Haven’t Been Any Fireworks Yet

Little People Big World’s Matt admits that there haven’t been any fireworks yet, he isn’t ruling them out in the future. Matt admits that he believes there is “an explosion ahead,” and he is prepared for it. After all, Matt and Amy have butted heads often throughout the years.

Matt says that now that the wedding planning is underway, things will eventually go “kaboom.” Matt says that things could be easier between the two of them but Amy “came in hot” when discussing the wedding plans. Matt adds that someone like Amy is what people refer to as a “bridezilla.”

Amy Roloff Discusses Her Current Relationship With Matt

Little People Big World’s Amy still seems to have issues with Matt, their relationship seems to have improved now that they are divorced. Amy and Matt do maintain a formal relationship, Amy certainly doesn’t characterize them as friends. Amy admits that it feels awkward that they visit each other’s homes and that Matt is helping with her wedding. Amy isn’t afraid to point out awkward or moments that she perceives as weird. Amy points out that having conversations like this would have been better when they were married if they could talk like they do today.

Amy says she and Matt feel more at ease now and it shows. Of course, she says that Matt doesn’t have to be accountable to anyone and that helps. Will Amy’s wedding go off without a hitch? Can Amy and Matt maintain their peaceful truce after the wedding is over?

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