Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Sharing Too Much, Fans Uncomfortable

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown has started sharing too much of her life on social media. She does share some of her life on her Instagram and Twitter, but now fans have felt like she has started to share way too much. Most recently, she posted a very strange video that her fans have started to become very uncomfortable about.

Christine and Online Advertising

Like many reality stars, Christine has started to advertise on social media for specific products. One of the newest videos she made for a company is making her fans feel a little less than comfortable. This is a new way for her to make money when she is not doing the show, but her fans aren’t exactly sure that she is invested in this company.

Christine’s fans do love that she makes videos with them in mind. It always seems as if she is talking one on one to them and they like the personal touch. Perhaps the newest video was too much of a personal touch. Some of her fans were quick to point out how weird it was and it was sharing too much information in general.

What is She Selling?

Christine made a video for one of her fans who is turning 40 years old. In the video, she was ready to give them a wonderful message about their special day, but fans think it took a turn for the worse. She began by singing Happy Birthday to her fan and then it just got weird. She told her fan, Cheyenne that she hoped she had a great birthday, and then she started talking about Janelle Brown.

Christine told her fan that Janelle loved the name Cheyenne and even thought about wanting to name one of her daughters that. Then she went on a tangent about Janelle. Was this really what her fans wanted to hear? She then went on to talk about how her 40’s were for her and how she went “insane” and had to be medicated. Overall, fans were shocked about how she went on and on about this and the birthday message just got lost.

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