Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Launch New Podcast

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife who like the Winder family believe that they represented the most authentic couple in Season 3 on TLC. It’s not yet known if they return in another season but their fans really hope so. Sophie leads the way in actually trying to explain their lifestyle and beliefs. That’s useful for fans who try and get their heads around polygamy. So, the good news comes that they just launched their podcast.

Seeking Sister Wife – Tami, Sophie, Colton, And The Kids

Many people didn’t like Colton at first, but once they grasped his very dry sense of humor he grew on them. Of course, fans also like Tami, his first wife, and her adorable daughter Sadie. Sophie, who came in as their second wife struggled with fertility. However, she managed to give birth to their little boy, Ephraim. Colton works as a pharmacist, and he also runs some livestock on his piece of land.

In the latest season of Seeking Sister Wife, fans saw that their episodes ended earlier than some of the other people. Recall, they thought about a third wife, Kimberley. However, it didn’t work out. When the Winder family announced the end of their episodes, a lot of fans thought they quit. However, Colton said they didn’t.  Nevertheless, they don’t know if TLC might use them again. In the meantime, you can now catch up with them on their new podcast.

New Podcast For Seeking Sister Wife – First Episode Launched

On Monday, July 12, the Winder family told their fans on Instagram all about the first episode of their new podcast on YouTube. The caption explained that it focuses on “fertility,” and of course, babies. Titled “Episode 101: Episode 101: Sisterwives, Fertility, & a Baby Story,” it’s a vulnerable subject for them. Sophie invited fans to “dive into more specifics on that dynamic of our plural relationship.”

In the first episode which is already up on YouTube, the Seeking Sister Wife star said that Tami will feature with her when she can. However, it seems that Sophie probably runs most of the podcast. Here’s some exciting news, as Sophie said that if they bring in another wife, they’ll add her to the podcast.” Of course, just because the show might be off-season, doesn’t mean they stop living their lives.

The first episode reveals the journey that Sophie took on the way to birthing her son Ephraim.

Ephraim’s Birth Story Wasn’t In The Show.

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife never saw the birth of Ephraim, so Sophie couldn’t share about it on the show. It’s interesting that she started the podcast as it brings more background than what fans saw on TLC. Hopefully, she keeps on bringing out a lot more podcasts, and that Tami soon opens up a bit more to the idea of participating.

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